About us

The bookkeeping office of ABG Agnieszka Boguszewska was set up in 2006.
The office provides services in the field of accounting, human resources and payroll as well as financial advisory services.

We serve the following entities:

  • individuals running a business,
  • partnerships (civil partnerships, partnerships in general, etc.),
  • capital companies (limited liability companies) also with foreign capital,
  • foundations and associations, including NGOs.

We operate in the following languages:

  • Polish,
  • English,
  • French,
  • Russian,
  • Ukrainian.

We specialize in providing services to companies that base their operations on projects (e. g. architectural and engineering construction companies), as well as distribution companies and non-governmental organizations.

In order to serve our customers, we use tools recognized on the market that are appropriate to their business objects. For the most demanding Clients we offer the possibility of online viewing the status of the accounting system and the possibility of using advanced functionalities of the HansaWorld ERP system.

If you do not know our company and would like to obtain more information, please contact us at: 22 862 67 75 or 501 557 525 and e-mail: biuro[@]abg.waw.pl.

ABG Agnieszka Boguszewska
ul. Skierniewicka 14/2
01-230 Warszawa
tel.: (22) 862 67 75
tel.: 501 557 525
e-mail: biuro[@]abg.waw.pl
NIP: 817-187-33-48